Tahitian Coco Strand

Tahitian Coco Strand


TAHITIAN COCO STRAND- featuring 42 Baroque Salt Water Tahitian pearls strung onto 100% silk.

Style COCO in multiple ways:

  1. Button at the opposite end to achieve a classic pearl strand style

  2. Wrap around wrist for a bracelet style

  3. Shorten this necklace to any desired length with the button loop… simply cinch it up another pearl until you’ve reached the desired length.

  4. Using the instructions above, you can achieve a custom length that caters to virtually any neckline.

Pearl type: Genuine Tahitian Pearls (baroque in shape)

Pearl color: black/green/gray variations

Pearl Origin: Bali

Luster: AAA Excellent

Nacre: AAA+ Very thick nacre

Pearl size: Approx. 9-11 mm

Length: 22”

Closure: pearl button closure

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