Tahitian Pearl & Shipwreck Coin Ear Threads

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Tahitian Pearl & Shipwreck Coin Ear Threads


One-of-a-kind ear threads that are uniquely designed and extremely comfortable to wear.

Nuestra Senora De Atocha coins circa 1622. These coins were casted with a portion of silver recovered from the shipwreck. Teardrop in shape and set with two 1 Reale Coins.

Lustrous Saltwater Tahitian pearls that are grade AA+ and have the most beautiful color variety and natural pear shape.

thread and chain: 14k gf

pearl type: Genuine Saltwater Tahitian, Grade: AA+ with high luster and thick nacre

pearl sizes: 9-15mm

coin details: made from .925 sterling silver from the Atocha Shipwreck and have 22k gold bezels and bails, 1.6cm in size equaling 1 Reale per coin

length: 2"

*Comes with the certificate of authenticity for each individual coin.

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